Friday, October 13, 2017

Living Room Refresh

So, it was only a few months ago that I showed you a mirror, that I had made over, hung up over my sectional in the living  room.
But, you know me I'm always changing everything.
This makeover was kind of an accident. One day I bought a throw blanket for the room (on clearance for $15.) It was white, and putting it in the space inspired me to bring in a lot more fresh elements.
I wound up having everything I needed on hand, so this may cover cost me no more then the clearance throw blanket. But it made a significant difference in the room. It's much cheerier now.

These pillows are all made from scraps of fabric that I had laying around. Which are used to recover pillows I already owned. I wanted a lot of texture, but not a lot of color so this worked out great.

This pillow was made from a tiny bit of fridge I had left after adding it to my throw blanket in my family room. I just sewed it down the center, two times facing each other, and so it up-and-down it to hold it in place.

These pillows, were made from scraps of cotton blanket. And I will be in my own yard to give it extra interest.  And for the biggest pillow I made my own tassels from the yarn. The yard is one of those Kenzie are in it's like the current thinner as it's woven, so it gives a lot of nice texture. ( and I actually got it for free once when ordering a different yarn online. Extra bonus! )

The art I have up and there was kind of an accident but I kind a love it. I want of scraping off old art thinking I would paint on this again that really like that was left over. So I'm calling it an abstract art. It works for me for now you know me I'll probably change it later.

So that's the living room now it's looking a lot brighter. I feel like it's more welcoming this way. Which is nice since the first room you see you when you walk into the house.

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Throw Blanket Upgrade

I bought three throw blankets I found on clearance for $10 each at a grocery store (Mejier) a few months ago. 
This was great because we had been needing a third blanket in the family  room in the morning. (There was an odd man out thing going on.)
So I was excited to grab these, but I didn't like  the edges at all --they were too plain.

So I crocheted a chain stitch in a thick yarn and then sewed it down the side seams.

And I took some fringe off a vintage blanket I have that could stand well enough on its own with out the fringe, and added it to the bottom and top of each blanket.

I like them infinitely more now.

I think they look a lot prettier, and more classy, and meaningful.

Monday, October 2, 2017

Photo Do-over

Guys, I just really felt annoyed with the photos I posted last time.
So, while these are still phone photos, the light is good and the room is straightened up.
These I'm more happy with. They give a more "in person" quality.

I want to touch up the length of my hem on the back here ^

Here is a more realistic angle of the cabinet from the side. I'm sitting at our table which is the most normal place to be looking at the cabinet. (Ignore the garbage bag and baskets...I'm in the process of clearing out stuff.)

And here is a better photo of those leggings from Target. Friends saw them in person and were very impressed with how much like denim they look.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

The sectional is covered!!

Well…if you ever feel like you just have WAY too much freetime on your hands…have I got a project for you!
On September 8th I commenced sewing this slipcover. And today on September 27 I got it fully covered. I’m not going to say it’s done, because I need to go back over a few areas and reinforce the stitching. And I plan to sew arm covers (I know those are for gandmas, but seriously -- blood sweat and tears are in this white slipcover…Ima protect these arms!)
But it’s to a place that feels done.

I’m seriously too tired to give you good photos. So bare with these. Everything needs straightening. But we just got back from our Wednesday night bible study and I’m spent from all the sewing today and learning tonight. So just imagine good lightning, and cleaned and straightened spaces.

So here she is!
Yes there is stuff on it, including a protective extra bit of drop cloth over the back three cushions. I’ll probably keep that on there a lot…especially during any eating on the couch.

Here she was Sept 8.
Sept 8
I believe this couch was a $350(?) craigslist buy a few years ago. It’s nice and comfy. It’s a perfect size for our room. It’s been great having something cheap and used for kids (It’s been abused by us for sure.) But I wanted to breath new life into it. So I bought drop cloths to cover it…oh something like a year ago! I knew it was going to take a lot of work to do, so I pushed it back until just now. (I was right -- it was very time consuming! It wasn’t hard -- it was just hard to find the time inside motherhood. I’m severely sleep deprived this month.)
I’m not terribly concerned about ruining it, despite it being so light, because I can run it through the wash machine, and I have a LOT of faith in oxiclean. Plus, even if we totally ruin it, as far as couches go -- it was inexpensive. I lost track but I think I spent around $100ish on fabric (a bunch of drop cloths.) So even if I’m at $500…. for a sectional…I’m not going to freak out if it gets ruined.
I mean -- I am babying it this week (maybe the next few months) because I mean I JUST sewed the thing. But anyway -- my point is, if I was ever going to have a white couch with kids -- this is how I would do it.
I’ve read a lot of people’s blogs on their white ikea slipcovered couches and how well they work with kids and pets BECAUSE you can wash them. So I’m feeling brave.
And Yes -- when taking the couch apart in making this cover-- I started really seeing the benefits to being able to wash your couch….it get’s dirty!

Anyway…to start this project I had to unstitch the back cushions from the couch back. They were attached. That’s unique to this couch, and it added a couple nights to my project. Because I decided to sew the couch openings closed before moving on to creating the actual cover…it just felt wrong not to close it back up.

Then I mostly used this tutorial as a guide, but then kinda did my own thing as well.
I’m really happy with how it turned out. And the couch is actually more comfortable now! I wasn’t excpecting that. But the cushions sit softer. And with the back cushions being moveable now, you can tilt them to perfection and support your back anyway you like. It’s really nice.
I was nervous to make these pillow moveable -- thinking the kids would just demolish the room into pillow fort heaven….and maybe they will sometimes. But so far it hasn’t been too tempting for them. And the comfort shift was worth it.

You can see my arm covers on the armchair.

In other family room news, I made this banner to update our gallery wall.

More drop cloth, a dowel, some o rings, rope and fabric paint. And a lot of drawing and erasing in pencil first.

In other house news…way back when I was sick and pregnant with Bronny, I planned out this idea.
A butler’s pantry kinda cabinet to fill in this empty space in our dining room.
Close to a year ago we did the prep work for this space when we made our tiny mud room space. When the wall was taken apart we added an outlet to this wall. It was a PAIN in the butt…poor Blake. But he got it done!

We made the lower cabinet a long while ago, and have been keeping the kids’ art supplies in there.

But, over the past couple weeks we’ve been stealing spare moments to get the uppers up. It’s still not done. It needs (lots) of caulk, and paint and hardware. But it’s coming together.
Now that it’s in the space, I’m going back and forth on if I need to get a deeper cabinet for the lower. At first I was certain of that. Now I’m kinda like “wait maybe it’s ok.” But then I doubt again.
What do you guys think? Is it akward that shallow? Or is it kinda antique built in looking?

Either way I’m loving the top. Once it’s painted it’s going to be so pretty.
I may still want to add a sorta box of trim around the edges of the sides, Paint will aid in my thoughts.
The end game is to paint the kitchen cabinets all white. So these will make sense. And seeing them is making my hunger for the white kitchen all the more. So fresh and sweet and pretty.

And in one more random update….these pants are THE BEST!
Leggings that look very much like real pants…like cool real pants.
They are from Target. They are not expensive. And I believe everyone who ever enjoyed comfy pants, should own them.
Target did not take a good photo of them for the website. (And my photo is kinda shadowy, so that might sorta hide their amazingness.) Don’t be fooled by it. Try them on…fall in love. Feel comfy, look edgy. Win life.

That is all for now.

I’ll talk to you more later.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Sewing a couch

If you guys are looking for me.... I'm sewing purgatory, earning my way to a slipcovered couch.
I'm excited about it. And I'm also very ready to be done with it.
So I'm gonna get back to the grind and talk to you more later.

But here is our huge arm chair I finished first.

Bought it for $25, (it's crazy comfy.) And I spent about $25 on material. (I'm using drop cloths.)
Not bad.
Not bad.

This room is taking on a new vibe.

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Halloween came early at our house this year.

I've noticed something about myself. Holidays can get me in a panick. And one of my responses to  stress is completely blocking out the issue. Which in the case of holidays, back fires pretty badly. Since I need to get it together and do them for the kids, but I would block it out until crunch time, and then the stress was even higher.

This year I'm going a different route. Early planning and early arranging.
And guys...this is a game changer. Holiday stress is  at an all time low. Because there is no ticking clock yelling at me, everything  feels chill.

At the beginning of the week I told the kids that by the weekend they need to decide what they want to be for Halloween. And then we would go shopping for it.
I had it in my head that I would be sewing their costumes again. But Yesterday, I decided to check Goodwill before we hit the fabric store. I really had very little faith we'd find what we needed there, but actually we scored big time.

Guys, now is a PERFECT time to get costumes st Goodwill! The racks are stuffed full of options.(Kids and adult sizes.)

We went into the store looking for a witch costume for Jasmine. A Queen Doom (the evil queen from the non-hit kids movie "Princess Twins of Legendale") for Ruby. And a general idea that Bronny might like to be a dinosaur or something.

I was most concerned with getting Queen Doom right. I had no idea how to sew her stuff. Here the best screen capture I could get from the film.

Shockingly we found something perfect at Goodwill. It's way too long, but an easy hem will do it. Maybe a bit of sleeve magic too.

Jasmine tried on lots of witch things and chose the middle outfit. She decided that her witch should have  fairy wings...not sure how the cape will work with that, but whatever. She's thrilled.

And we even found Bronny a dinosaur outfit! (The wings are there for Ruby. Just for dress up in general.) So far he enjoys holding the costume and saying "Rrrraaaarrrr." But won't put it on yet. But we have 51 days to get used to it!

Oh yeah I forgot Jasmine's adorable witch hat headband we found. It's SO cute on her!

We came home and washed it all (besides the hat (which was actually brand new)) on delicate and air dried, and they came out great!

So yeah. I got all that and the Halloween buckets (not pictured) for $29.

I feel very thrilled with both the price (the first costume I googled for a "Doom" like idea was $30) and the convenience--  I'm  pretty pumped about not having to construct the outfits myself! 
Plus it was fun to let the girls try on all the fun options and come to their own decisions.

Plus, I don't always think this way, but I think it's good to consider, the actual benefits of all the Halloween costumes that won't go into a landfill when kids reuse them.

Save money, help the planet, have fun. Good stuff.

I also cannot convey how nice it is to know everything is done and ready WAY ahead of time. Holiday Stress free for 51 days is currently on my calendar. I could get used to this.

I figured I'd let you all in on this level of magic, in case you want to take advantage yourself.

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